“I’m just a man with a vision and a voice” – Lack of Flaws

Lack of Flaws has proven that handwork pays. And it pays well. The Detroit Rapper/Exec has started his own company Chart Vision and overcome overwhelming odds to stake his calm on today’s music scene.

Born in 1987 and raised on Detroit’s westside in a duplex apartment with his mother who raised him after his father left home. Lack of Flaws first started out in a rap group Da Blockburnaz with his best friend “Dizzy”. The duo would run up phone bills calling major labels and rapping verses on A&R executive’s voicemails. Ready to take the next step, Da Blockburnaz started reaching out to the top producers in the area to begin recording their debut project putting Lack of Flaws squarely in the middle of the creative community within Detroit.

Lack of Flaws credits a neighbor with the day that changed everything for the rapper. His neighbor informed his mother of his drug dealing activities and in mid 2005 LOF took to music as his primary focus. Insert producer/songwriter IsVintage. Is’ gritty production fit right at home with the sound that Flaw heard for his group. IsVintage would go on to produce several records for the group including “Hurts So Bad” which gained some local success. The group would later disband but remain friends.

Lack of Flaws continued his pursuit to be the best rapper ever.

He moved to Minnesota to attend a music school so that he could better understand the music business, but shortly before leaving for school his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pushed into leaving home by his mother in spite of her condition, Lack of Flaws tested out of 70% of his classes, Executive Produced and recorded 2 songs for the school’s Holiday Album. The album was sold in Macy’s and other outlets in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area. The popularity of his song “Whatever The Name Is” would lead to a performance at The Mall of America in 2007.

Next he turned his sights on Los Angeles moving there in the winter of 2008. Taking a job within the music industry to try and crack the tight knit A&R world. Who knew that the position would lead Lack of Flaws to interact with the highest creative executives in the industry. During this time Lack of Flaws would begin providing A&R support for various artists/producers looking for opportunities within the music business. In 2009 Lack of Flaws started Chart Vision with his business partner Kevin Nelson and set out on to release a mix tape immediately. However his perfectionist nature showed up completing the tape within 2 days, then refused to release it for creative reasons. 

In 2010, Lack of Flaws released a tribute song called “Return of the B-Boy” to commemorate the 15 Year Anniversary of “Ready to Die” by The Notorious BIG through an exclusive partnership with Amazon. In 2012 a promo single “Right Now” peaked at number 87 on the urban charts.

“Everything has been leading up to ‘Gemini.’ I always understood the importance of the first album. I’m glad I waited.”

LOF said after sound-checking for his upcoming dates on the Honesty Tour featuring Future and Rico Love.

Stay Tuned…